Why My Breath Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

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Sometimes you may have wondered why “my breath smells like rotten eggs when I burp” or “my breath smells like poo”.

The answer is simple! It is because, you have halitosis but don’t be sad, there are solutions out there where you can choose from to minimize it.

Generally, It is hard to cure bad smells or halitosis completely, however you may want to reduce that annoying smells bit-by-bit with less efforts and cost by taking simple steps. But, chronic rotten eggs smell may require intensive attention from a professional or dentist. Follow these simple strategies to take small efforts towards a better mouth smell.

Breath Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Breath Smells Like Rotten Eggs

How to Fix Mouth that Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

  1. Brush your teeth after taking food or drink regularly as usual. You might want to change your regular toothbrush to an electric toothbrush like Sonicare or an Oral-B to maximize the results. An electric toothbrush is much better to clean your mouth from food debris also to evade bacterial activities. This might help you to fight bad or rotten smell.
  2. It is also a good practice to clean your tongue and inner cheek when brushing your teeth. 
  3. Be aware when taking smelly foods like garlic or onion. These 2 foods are the main contributors to bad or smelly mouth, you may want to do your own research for the other food type that contribute to rotten eggs smells and get rid of them completely.
  4. Also, you may want to drink more plain water, it is because that annoying smell is often related to dry mouth. Rinse your mouth with water regularly, especially after taking foods or drinks.
  5. Control your smoking and alcohol intakes, because your mouth smell might be as bad as rotten eggs after taking these 2. You may already known that.
  6. Get the best mouthwash for bad breath and dry mouth  give it a try on a regular basis. There are a variety of brands sold from a local store or pharmacy. Even if, mouthwash is not a permanent solution to smelly odor, it helps to minimize the smells, especially when dealing with important persons like your spouse, business associates or family members. Chronic smelly mouth may spoil your relationships or business opportunities.
  7. Halitosis can also be caused by a yeast infection (candida), so get your yeast infection cured.
  8. Do you have tonsil stones? If you have one, you may want to pay attention to this cause too. Therefore, find a way to get rid of tonsil stone moreover, it helps to make your mouth healthier. And don’t forget, chronic sinusitis is also a contributor to halitosis.
  9. Get yourself an ebook and try do-it-at-home guides to cure your breath smells like rotten eggs by following advices and tips. 

It is advisable to cure your bad mouth smell completely, since it is about a reputation that will bring your image to other people. It is your first signs of personal hygiene and personality in the eyes of other people.

Therefore, taking a more aggressive efforts is wiser and helps best to fight your breath smells like rotten eggs.