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August 21, 2015

What To Do If Your Breath Smells Like Rotten Eggs.

By Friday, August 21, 2015
What causes breath smells like rotten eggs? Actually, there are many reasons that contribute to bad breath or halitosis.
Breath Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Normally, mouth smelly odor derived from poor dental health habits, or it may a result from other health problems like sinus infection or tonsil stones. Unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and alcohol intake can also contribute to smelly breath.

However, foods are also the contributor to halitosis. In short, just imagine that the digested foods absorbed into our bloodstreams, then carried into the lungs and eventually breathed out and when we talk it produces the so-called rotten eggs smell.

Since, some of the halitosis problems come from foods then certain foods should be taken cautiously like onion and garlic. These type of foods contain molecules called mercaptans, that are the actual sulfur compounds. These compounds are the nature's way of creating odors. These smelly sulfur compounds are released by certain bacteria that occur naturally in our oral environment. 

Dense protein foods like dairy, meat and fish are the source foods, used by the sulfur-producing bacteria to cause bad breath. Other types are eggs, many type of nuts and seeds and also beans and lentils.

Sugary foods can also be minimized since sugar is an agent of bacteria activities that also produces bad breath. In fact, candies, mints and chewing gum that contain sugar are actually not fighting smelly breath even make it worse.

Acidic foods should also be avoided, because acids make the production of bacteria much faster. Unfortunately, foods and drinks like coffee, tomato juice, citrus juices, sodas, pasta sauce, ketchup, pickles, fatty meats, olive, butter and chocolate are among our top consumption.

How to minimize this breath smells like rotten eggs?
  • Fight the poor dental hygiene habits like starting to engage on a proper manner of tooth brushing, gargling after eating, flossing, tongue scraping and a consistent dental check-up. If you do not brush or floss your teeth or other inner parts, food particles that left in the mouth and its surrounding will promote bacterial growth that worsens breath situation. An electric toothbrush is able to maximize the teeth cleaning. Oral B SmartSeries 5000 is a example.
  • Other health problems like sinus infection or tonsil stones is also a major contributor to smelly breath. Therefore, by curing these health problems may result to a better breath smell.
Above all, if your breath smells like rotten eggs, this is the moment you may want to consider a cure before it ruins your beautiful moments. Need an ebook? This at home guide can be beneficial.

August 13, 2015

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August 10, 2015

The Best Natural Teeth Whitening Products that Work

How to choose the best natural teeth whitening products that work for you? If you are sick and tired of seeing discolored, yellowish set of tooth staring back at you in the mirror each morning, and since no one wants a darkened set of tooth and pale smile, there are many brands out there to choose from that can be used to combat it. Just spend some time to do some readings on facts and factors, some comparisons, some Q&A and also some consulting friends, you may get the best answers to your problems.
If you need an e-book, this tooth discoloration e-book is able to guide you at home how to re-white or re-clean a darkened teeth that can be practiced everyday. You may learn what cause tooth discoloration, customers experiences, reviews, suggestions, tips and how restore them.

Natural Teeth Whitening ProductsThere are physical products that can be bought from pharmacies or drug store to be applied at home. There are e-books sold teaching you how to do it yourself at home from A to Z and there are also many specialists and dentist that offers professional services to settle this problem. Therefore, before picking it up, just be sure that suitability is your prime objective. Suitability can also mean affordability and safety.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a specific brand from pharmacies or drug-store, among the top reason must be considered is the non-abrasive product that can safely lifts the stains and toxins so that a whiter and a healthier set of tooth can be produced, but don't forget that it is must safe for everyday use.

You must also be able to ascertain that your best choice is also safe for sensitive teeth if you are having it, something that is able to remineralize and restoring enamel, able to fight cavities or preventing decay, plaque, bacteria, gingivitis and polishing them the best. Another factors to be considered a substance that soothes gums and also be able to eliminate bad breath.

The teeth whitening strips are among of them. There are 2 type i.e the strips that must be removed after the session is complete and the strips that dissolve once the session is complete. There are in big demands nowadays. There are also brands that produces activated charcoal sold in the market like Smart Ash and also among the top choice in market, either.

Above all, if you are really looking for the best natural teeth whitening products that work for you, don't be lazy to do some research on these words: Vegan, Non GMO, Fluoride free, surfactant free, hydrogen peroxide free, no artificial dyes or flavors and also charcoal for the best choice that suits you the best. Everyone has their own brands and choices but second opinion like customers reviews may also help the most.


Never Let Darkened Teeth Spoils Your Smile!